Radian, Ltd



Antenna-feeding equipment
for professional radio communication systems

7,Vesnina str., Kharkov, Ukraine, 61023
Phone/Fax:+380 57 714-3903
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"Radian" Ltd. was found in 1992 by the Radio-astronomical institute of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine (Kharkov). The purpose of our activity is to implement high technologies and scientific developments into the advancing field of wireless communications. We see our mission in providing our customers with the high-quality equipment for communication systems, optimum combining technical and price parameters, and also meeting the specialized needs of each customer. Specialists of our enterprise have profound experience working with the communication equipment of both domestic and leading foreign manufacturers. Knowing specificity of radio communication systems construction in Ukraine, collective of "Radian" Ltd. pays main attention to the radio communication equipment manufacturing and implementation of own developments. "Radian" Ltd. aspires to offer the customer the optimum solution for specialized tasks on construction, reorganization and to expansion of radio communication systems with minimal finance and efforts expenses.

The main directions of "Radian" Ltd. activity for today are:

  • Development, design and manufacturing of own components for professional radio communication systems in a 100 MHz - 6 GHz frequencies range for their use in commercial and departmental systems (cellular communication, Internet, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defence, municipal services, oil-and-gas and power complex);
  • Supply of subscriber equipment, terminals and accessories for them, of many world-known manufacturers, such as MOTOROLA, KENWOOD, ICOM, VERTEX STANDARD;
  • Garanty servicies for both our equipment and base station and subscriber equipment.

Among own products of "Radian" Ltd there are antenna-feeding equipment, such as transmitting combiners, receiver multicouplers, high Q cavity filters and preselectors, high-frequency duplexers, low-noise amplifiers, antennas amplifiers, power supplies, base station and mobile antennas, that are used in different radio communication systems (trunking, paging, DECT, Altai, Senao, cellular communication systems, RadioEthernet).